Don’t Worry About Weather. Bring the Party Indoors with Our Interactive Party Games

It never rains in California, or so the song goes, but what if you have a birthday party, school party or fundraiser planned for a day when it’s supposed to rain? No one is likely to want to play outside in bouncy houses or on slides when the rains are coming down. Talk about a great way to put a damper on the whole event! But for party rentals in San Diego, we have the solution to the rain. No, we can’t stop the rains from coming down, but at San  Diego Kids Party Rentals, we do have one of the best selections of interactive party games in San Diego for use indoors or out.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

When it comes to putting together a private party or a fundraiser for the kids in your school, keep one thing in mind. Whether you have the party outside or the rain drives everyone inside, the kids just want to have fun. You should never let bad weather spoil their fun; you just have to plan for all instances.

There is a reason why we have one of the top selections of interactive party games in San Diego. We know that our customers’ needs vary based on the age of the children and the amount of money available to pay for the items needed. We also know that if you are planning a fundraiser, the idea is to raise money for your school or charity. This has driven us to continue searching for the best games to add to our party rentals in San Diego.

Games for All Ages

So many of our interactive games are great for indoor use! From ring tosses, miniature golf holes, and pin-the-tail games, to duck ponds, skeetball, and gone fishin’ carnival games, most everything can be set up indoors. Even our inflatables and larger carnival games can be moved inside if you have a gymnasium or other large room on site.


From balloon pop to bowling, many of our games can be used to give prizes away just like on the midway when the carnival comes to town. We offer a full range of party rentals in San Diego for all age groups, from elementary age all the way up to high school. Every one of our games is guaranteed to provide plenty of fun for everyone. You can raise money by selling wristbands or individual tickets.

We recommend you book your interactive party games in San Diego early as they tend to be booked up far in advance. Once you reserve your party rentals in San Diego, we will deliver them to your event site, set everything up and make sure it all works properly before leaving. Once your event is over, we come back, pack everything up and take it back to the warehouse for you, all included in the price.


What are you waiting for? Call San Diego Kids Party Rentals today and guarantee everyone will have a great time at the party or fundraiser!


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School Fundraisers are a Breeze with Our Carnival Fundraising Packages

Now is the time for you to start planning the spring fundraiser for your school. Whether this is your first year planning the event or your twenty-first, finding new ways to keep the kids happy is always going to be a challenge. But at San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have one of the best selections of carnival games in San Diego carefully chosen to be perfect for San Diego school fundraisers.

We Offer a Full Range of Fun Items for Your Fundraiser

It takes a lot to generate the kind of interest at San Diego school fundraisers to produce the kind of money needed to make a difference in the budget. This means you need a lot more than silly games and a couple of food booths.

Along with individual carnival games for San Diego schools, we offer a variety of packages for elementary, middle school, and high school groups. For each age group, we offer three different packages at set price levels of $1,500, $3,000, and $5,000. With each increase in price, we add more items to your package.

Sample Packages for You

Elementary School Carnival Package 1

  •         Monster Obstacle Course
  •         70′ Obstacle Course
  •         15′ Single Lane Slide
  •         3 Carnival Games complete with tents

Middle School Carnival Package 2

  •         Ninja Dash Obstacle Course
  •         Inflatable Midway with four games
  •         Inflatable Hungry Hippo
  •         Beat the Light Game
  •         27′ Cliffhanger Slide
  •         Bungee Run
  •         3 hours of Airbrush Face Painting Tattoos

High School Carnival Package 3

  •         Inflatable Big Baller Challenge
  •         27″ Cliffhanger Slide
  •         Full 2-Lane Rugged Warrior Obstacle Course
  •         Either the Wipeout Challenge or the Eurobungee Trampolines


We Provide Everything

When you rent our carnival games in San Diego, we bring everything to you, set it all up for you and provide all necessary power in the form of standalone generators. Our rental packages for San Diego school fundraisers are for three full hours. At the end of that time, we will return, tear everything down, pack it in our trucks and return it to our warehouse. The only thing you have to worry about is watching your kids have fun.

All you have to do is choose the package you want, let us come and set everything up, and you are ready to go. You can sell wristbands or tickets in advance for a discount or at the gate for full price. Then sit back, watch the fun and your school funds grow with every ride.

While we do our best to make sure we have all the items listed in each package available, we do have to reserve the right to substitute for a similar item. Be sure you book the date for your school fundraiser early as these carefully designed packages tend to book fast. Once they are booked the only option you might have is to change your event date or rent items individually (at a greater cost than our package deals).

For the best selection of carnival games in San Diego, contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals and let us help you make your next school fundraiser a huge success!

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Indoor Carnival and Party Games Turn Your Garage into Carnival Central

If your house has a garage, there is no reason why you should ever need to cancel a party because of the weather. Take the cars out of the picture, and suddenly you have a large open space that is perfect for indoor carnival games from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. We have a large selection of indoor party rentals that are perfect for this situation. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Table Games

Our selection includes pinball games, air hockey games, and shuffleboard in a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. Kids love to bowl, and we have indoor bowling and roller bowler games you can use to award prizes. Kids have been playing skeeball for decades, and yet today it is still one of our most popular indoor carnival games.  

Tossing Games

From ring toss to knocking down the bottles, we have dozens of games of skill that including throwing balls, bean bags, rings, and more. Many of our indoor party rentals are just like the games that come to town with the carnival every year, only a slightly scaled-down version  — perfect for fitting into your garage.

Shooting Games

From Monster Blast to Rubber Chicken Flight School, we have several great shooting games that are sure to be a big hit among the kids. Most kids are easily entertained, but the more interactive you can make the games out in the garage, the happier they will be and the “cooler” they will think your party is.

How Much Room Do You Have?

Before you start putting together a list of the indoor carnival games you want to put in your garage for the big party, you need to know exactly how much room you have and what activities are most likely to keep those coming to the party interested and having fun. When considering the size of your garage, be conscious also of the height of the room.

While most of our indoor party rentals are not particularly tall, there are some that are too tall to fit in the average garage. Along with this, you also need to consider room for your guests to move around safely if you plan to have more than one game. Not only do you need to protect the kids (and adults!) from falls and other injuries, no one wants to see their game being spoiled because another guest walked into it.

Now for the good news. Once you have decided which of the indoor carnival games you would like to have at your party, contact San Diego Kids Party Rental online or at (848) 560-2700 and book your reservations. When the big day comes, our delivery team will bring your indoor party rentals to your home, unload them into the garage and set them up for you so that they are ready to go when the party starts. We also tear them down and return them to our warehouse at the end of the day. Contact us today to secure your rentals.

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Rainy Day? No Problem! Our Party Rentals are Great for Indoor Fun!

When it comes to planning a party for your school, family or team/club event, there are so many things you have control of: the date, the activities you have planned, the foods and beverages, and more. But there is one thing you have absolutely no control over whatsoever. That is the weather. You could have days of sunshine and great weather and wake up to rain just in time for party day! Now, what do you do? Find fun things to do indoors! You contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals and talk to us about our indoor party rentals.

Moving the Party Inside

It can take weeks of hard work to put everything together for your event; the last thing you want is for a little rain to spoil things. The good news is that we have a large selection of indoor party rentals for you to choose from to save your day. Which ones are best for your event depends in part on how much space you have to work with.

For instance, if your school has a large gymnasium, you might consider hanging on to that bounce house reservation — our inflatable bounce houses are considered one of the best things to do indoors at parties. The only thing you need is sufficient room for the bounce house and access to a place to plug it in. The pumps do make some noise, but it is not excessive.

Create an Indoor Midway

We also have a huge selection of carnival games for you to choose from. From inflatable basketball games to a ring toss and spin the wheel, we have dozens of different games for you to choose from (whether or not you have room for a bounce house).

And, what midway is complete without steamed hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy? We have a selection of food rental equipment available that can be used inside to keep the party spirit going. We have snow cone machines, snow cone ice chests, hot dog steamers, cotton candy machines, and, of course, popcorn machines.

Give the Kids New Faces

Outside in the sun or indoors out of the rain, kids love airbrush tattoos and face painting; they are among the most popular things to do indoors at parties. We can provide you with a professional artist who specializes in both and will bring their own supplies. All you have to do is line the kids up and let the fun begin. This is also a very popular way to raise money for your school or club by charging a small fee for each tattoo or face painting.

This is only a small sampling of the many different indoor party rentals available at San Diego Kids Party Rentals. The best way to see everything we have to offer is to visit us online. Be sure you book your rentals as soon as possible and have a contingency plan for a rainy day by making sure the items you rent can be used both indoors and outdoors. We have everything you need to make sure your next party is a hit, come rain or shine.

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Holiday Parties are More Fun When You Include Inflatables

It’s official; the stores are filling up with holiday ornaments, decorations, and trees, and before you know it, the party season will be upon us. But, are you ready to plan an all-out holiday bash or do prefer to procrastinate in hopes of getting by on a simple, no-frills party? A much better question would be “Do you want to host a party that is ‘ho-hum’ or do you want to be the host of a party everyone will talk about for years to come?” The selection of inflatables at San Diego Kids Party Rentals might be just the thing you need to turn your party around.

Inflatables for Your Party

Most people tend to think of inflatables along the lines of the bouncy houses that have become so popular at kids’ parties all summer long. But, when it comes to winter holidays, few seem to associate them with holiday inflatables. Yet, we have a selection of Christmas-themed inflatables in various sizes that are perfect for company parties, school parties, neighborhood get-togethers, and even private parties in your backyard.

The kids will love our Gingerbread Bounce House or Gingerbread Bounce House with a Slide or the large Christmas-themed House with Santa on the front. Bounce houses are a fantastic way to keep the kids active and happy while the grown-ups socialize and enjoy their own hot spiced apple cider or cocoa. Or for those brave enough, they can join the kids inside.

What You Need for Our Holiday Inflatables

In order for us to set up your bounce house, you must have a space large enough to accommodate it with at least two feet of space around it. Your location needs to be within one hundred feet of a standard 110V electrical outlet and have an accessway to it that is a minimum of three feet wide. If you don’t have access to an outlet (such as being in a public park), we can supply you with a generator to provide the power needed to run the blower.

We will deliver your inflatable to any location specified, set it up for you, inflate it, and test it to ensure it works and is safe for the kids. We anchor our bounce houses to reduce the risk of being blown away in the wind and to ensure your children’s safety.

Brighten Up Your Holiday Party

There is nothing like having one of our inflatable bounce houses at your next holiday party, but there is so much more we can do to help make your party the massive success it should be! How about creating a layer of “snow” to greet your guests to give them that “winter” feeling, even though it never snows in San Diego? Or maybe one of our snowman sky dancers to help everyone find the party? This holiday season make your party the talk of the town with the selection of holiday inflatables and many other items from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. Visit our online catalog here or call us at (858) 560-2700 and talk to our sales team. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment!

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Show Your Guests They’re at the Right Place with Our Holiday-Themed Sky Dancers

The holiday season is upon us, and of course, that means endless parties. Even more importantly, this year it’s your turn to host the annual “friends” Christmas party. Each year someone in the gang hosts the party and not only is it your turn this year, but maybe you have moved to a new neighborhood. How on earth is everyone going to find you? At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, our holiday sky dancers in 20-foot, 12-foot, and 8-foot versions may be the solution to your problems.Snowman Holiday Themed Sky Dancers

Our Holiday Sky Dancers Come Ready to Go

When you rent one of our sky dancers, they come ready to go; all you have to do is plug them in. You will need either a generator or access to an electrical outlet. If you don’t have an outlet or a generator, we can provide one for you.

Our 20-foot Snowman sky dancer is illuminated from the inside and comes with a powerful 18-inch blower that is more than strong enough to keep the sky dancer fully erect and waving at your guests as they search for your home.  

For those who prefer something a little shorter in stature, we have an 8-foot tall snowman sky dancer. Like its taller sibling, this sky dancer comes with its own blower and is illuminated from the inside. It also features long arms that flap and wave at your guests as they cruise down the street looking for your home.

Let’s Get Serious for a Moment

Let’s face it, the last time it snowed in San Diego was way back on December the 13th, 1967. That’s over half a century ago, and the odds of it happening again in the near future are very slim. But, how can you have a snowman in your yard or a holiday sky dancer welcoming your guests to your home if you don’t have any snow?

To go with your snowman or Santa, we can also provide you with a snow machine that uses a special liquid to create foam “snow” that is safe for indoor and outdoor use. The rental comes with one gallon of liquid snow, but you can buy more if you have a larger area to cover or plan for multiple uses. Our snow machines can project “snow” up to 18 feet and produce 80 cubic millimeters per minute.

Complete Your Party in Style

Now that your guests will have no problem finding your home and your yard is covered with a layer of “snow” that would fool a snowman, the only thing left is to put the finishing touch on the whole event. Since this is a family party including the kids, there is one thing that is guaranteed to turn your party into one everyone will be talking about for years to come. You already have the sky dancers out front, a virtual snowstorm going on in your front yard, and Frosty standing outside the front door, so what’s missing?

The one thing your party could use is a live Santa Claus to spend time and take pictures with the kids. We can provide you with a professional Santa Claus actor on a per hour basis along with Mrs. Claus and the odd elf or two. Remember to book early; these items sell out! Contact us online or at (858) 560-2700 to book your holiday sky dancers now!


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Themed Interactive Inflatables Add Extra Fun to Fall Parties

The days are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air, and this can only mean one thing. The holiday season is here. It also means annual party time is upon us. Have you started to plan your parties yet? Whether you are in charge of the school party, the office party, or hosting a neighborhood party, it’s up to you to make the party one nobody forgets. One way to accomplish this is to take a good look at the selection of interactive inflatables and themed party rentals available at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

It All Starts with Halloween

The party season gets off to a good start in the fall with Halloween. What school year would be complete with the annual Halloween party?  How do you go about making this year’s party one to remember? One of the best ways we know is with one or more of our interactive inflatables. Our themed party rentals for the fall’s spookiest holiday include a Halloween Maze and our Pumpkin Halloween 5-in-1 Bounce House.

The maze is more than just a maze; it’s an obstacle course as well. There are pop-ups, obstacles to climb under, areas where the kids have to crawl through and more. The kids go in through the pumpkin on the right and work their way through the maze until they come out of the mouth of the pumpkin on the left. The pumpkin house has an inflatable slide, a climbing ramp, obstacles, an inflatable basketball hoop, and, of course, the bouncy area.

And Ends with Christmas

For Christmas, we have multiple inflatable interactives that are sure to be the hit of your holiday party, from bouncy houses for the kids to an inflatable snow globe everyone can get into. It never snows in San Diego, or so they say. But with one of our snow machines, your party can be covered in a layer of “snow” that is perfectly safe. We can supply you with the snow machine and the snow liquid needed to create all the snow your party requires.

We have a 4-in-1 Christmas bounce house with an inflatable basketball hoop, a huge jumping area, a slide, and a climbing activity. It is covered in holiday images such as elves, candy canes, Santa, snowmen, reindeer, and so much more. The 5-in-1 bounce house has a large bounce area, vertical and horizontal pop-ups, a basketball hoop, a climbing ladder, and, best of all, a 16-foot long slide. The kids are sure to have an incredible time shooting hoops, sliding, climbing and bouncing their hearts out.

All of our interactive inflatable bounce houses feature mesh screens for safety and so that parents and chaperones can see what’s going on inside. If you would like to learn more about our holiday-themed party rentals, contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals at (858) 560-2700 or visit us online. One thing you need to keep in mind: our holiday interactive inflatables book up fast so with the all the fall holidays just around the corner, be sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

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Book Santa for Your Holiday Office Party and Kick the Season Off Right!

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s that time of year again; the holidays are just around the corner. That means it’s time to start making the arrangements for the annual holiday office party. There are so many things to arrange: caterers, the location, a DJ, decorations, and so much more. The one thing you can’t forget is to make sure you have Santa Claus in the house!

Why Have a Santa?

Just because it’s an annual holiday office party, it doesn’t mean it can’t be one that everyone’s family can come to. In fact, more office parties are switching over to including their employees’ families. And if you are having a family-friendly holiday party, you need to make sure to arrange the Santa party rental early.

Santa party rental appointments go fast, and if you don’t book early, you may not be able to find a Santa when you need him. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have two different types of Santas for you to choose from: the traditional Santa with a fake beard and our Santas with a real beard.

Years of Experience

Our Santas have years of experience and are professionals in every way. They will sing songs with the kids, spread acres of holiday cheer, and of course, there is the traditional picture with Santa. Our Santas will let the kids sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas this year. They are kind, patient, and wonderful with the kids. They are perfect for office holiday parties, school parties, parades, home visits, and more.

We offer outstanding Santa party rental rates for corporate events with booking running in half-hour increments from 2 to 4 hours. We ask that you keep in mind: there is an additional charge for a Santa on Christmas Eve. For corporate events, your Santa will mingle with your guests, maybe do a little bit of magic, and pose for family/group photos.

Don’t Forget the Missus

If your holiday office party is a larger event, Santa may not be able to handle the crowd by himself. Ask us about adding Mrs. Claus or some elves to the party. Mrs. Claus and the elves love to paint faces and make balloon animals and figures. By the time Santa heads back to the North Pole, everyone will have had a chance to say hi and have their picture taken with him.

This year, make sure your holiday office party is a big hit. Book your Santa party rental early and let the holiday begin with a hearty HO! HO! HO!

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Start Planning Your Christmas Party Now for the Best Selection of Christmas Party Rentals

Christmas comes but once a year, but this year it’s your turn to plan the Christmas party for your elementary school kids. It’s not that you mind being put in charge, but more that you have no idea what kind of things kids like to do at this time of year, especially when you live in sunny Southern California. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have a fabulous selection of Christmas party rentals that are sure to help with your upcoming holiday parties.

Start with a Bounce House

Our catalog of holiday-themed party rentals starts with bounce houses. We have a large selection of Christmas-themed bounce houses, with and without slides, from which to choose. Each house has large open sides with safety mesh, so you can easily keep an eye on what’s going on inside.

We also have a couple of different cute gingerbread bounce houses among our selection of Christmas party rentals. These bounce houses are designed to closely resemble the gingerbread houses we all remember from our childhood, complete with a snow-covered roof, lots of Christmas decorations and a sign that reads “Merry Christmas” above the entry. Each has an inflatable ramp, and we have models with slides that add to the fun.

Add in the Extras

This is only the start of the list of Christmas party rentals we have available for your holiday party. Just because it never snows in Southern California, it doesn’t mean you can’t have snow at your party! One of the most popular holiday-themed party rentals we have is our snow machine. Deck the halls with tons of snow……! Well, artificial snow made using a biodegradable snow liquid that blows foamy “snow” up in the air where it will float slowly down to coat everything it touches.

Now we’re getting the party started! We also have an 8-foot tall inflatable snowman. But it’s more than just an inflatable snowman; there is a person inside, turning your “inflatable” snowman into a “live action” figure.

Kids can’t resist airbrushed tattoos; we can supply your party with an airbrush tattoo artist that specializes in creating Christmas themed airbrush tattoos for kids of all ages using non-toxic, kid-friendly paints.

From here you can add in the personal touch of one of our actors who can be there for one hour or the whole party. We have the Grinch, a holiday elf, a pink girl elf, and of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus. Your character will engage the kids in songs, games, hand out candy canes, and more. If you rent a Santa, you can choose between one with a traditional (synthetic) beard or one with a real beard. Both will let the kids sit on their laps so that can tell “Santa” what they want for Christmas.

This year, why not make your Christmas party extra-special by choosing a bounce house and several of our other Christmas party rentals? At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, delivery, set up, tear down, and return is all included in the price. Contact us at (858) 272-2700 or online to reserve your holiday-themed party rentals now.

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Take Your Halloween Party to the Next Level with Our Halloween Bounce Houses and More

It’s that time of year, or at least it soon will be. What time is that? Spooky Time, when all the little ghouls and goblins come out of the deep, dark forests to steal your treats or play their wicked tricks on those without treats. Yep, Halloween is just around the corner and along with it, Halloween parties for kids of all ages. These days, kids seem to want more in their parties, so why not consider adding one of the Halloween bounces houses from San Diego Kids Party Rentals to the event?

You Can’t Go Wrong with Halloween Bounce Houses

Whether you are putting together a Halloween party for your school, daycare, block party, or even for your friends and family, we offer a large selection of Halloween party rentals to help take your event to the next level. From smoke machines designed to create an eerie fog that will creep throughout the area, to Halloween bounce houses and even portable haunted houses, we carry everything you need.

The Pumpkin Halloween 5-in-1 bounce house is one of our most popular units. Not only is this a bounce house with a spooky theme, but there is also a climbing ramp, obstacles to overcome, a slide, and an inflatable basketball hoop. Talk about a great way to keep the kids busy and happy! With so many activities all in one place, you can keep a lot more of them busy at the same time. The only things you need to provide are enough space for the bounce house to sit with a clear space overhead and access to power within one hundred feet. The location you pick also needs to have an access road or gate that is a minimum of 36 inches wide.

Pick a Theme

If you are the one planning your Halloween party, then you get to be the one to choose the theme (if you are going to have one). The best thing about having a theme is that it helps you choose and put together everything you need (like decorations, plates and napkins, etc.). Currently, there are five themed Halloween party rentals available. These are all haunted houses, and the themes are:

  • Creepy Circus
  • Grim Graveyard
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Pirate Ship
  • Spooky Swamp

Each of these kits comes with a themed haunted house, professionally-made and animatronic props, lights, music, illuminated wall hangings, and a Haunted Host who will guide your guests into the house of terror. For those who don’t have access to a power connection, a generator can be provided.

Ready to make your choice of haunted house even scarier than it already is? You can hire one of our live scary characters to hide in the haunted house and scare people. While it does cost extra to hire one of our pros, the end result will be truly terrified guests, tons of laughter, and a guarantee that everyone had a great time.

For more information on our Halloween bounce houses and Halloween party rentals, contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals at (858) 560-2700 or visit us online. Be sure to book early; our appointment books are already filling up!

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