Make a Splash at Your Neighborhood Party with an Inflatable Water Slide

With summer coming soon, many of those who live in the Greater San Diego area are looking forward to planning neighborhood parties for kids of all ages (including adults). Most plans start out by looking for popular things for the kids to do. While there are plenty of “yard games” such as sack races, foot races, and so on, they are a bit on the passé side.  To be sure you should include them in your party, but a much better way to start your plans is to look at the incredible selection of inflatable water slides at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Make a Splash!

When the sun hits its zenith and the temperatures start to soar, there is nothing better than slipping down the slopes of one of our inflatable water slides. We offer both single and two-lane water slides along with many other inflatable party rentals for you to choose from. You could rent one of our low-profile inflatable run ‘n splash slides. With two lanes, the kids can run up and see who can slide the furthest or who makes it to the end.

For a little more fun, there is the Corkscrew, one of our more popular inflatable party rentals. This beast stands 22 feet tall, and those who want to go for a ride must climb 17 steps to the top. Once you reach the top and hit the slide, the ride down twists 180 degrees to the right before going under the tunnel and twisting another 90 degrees to the left. Riders will travel 44 feet before hitting the inflatable mattress at the bottom of the ride.

A Water Slide for Everyone!

We have inflatable water slides for kids of all ages including our Fire ‘N Ice dual-level slide. Standing 20 feet tall, the first slide sits at 16 feet. For those who want a bit more of a challenge, they can climb all the way to the top and ride down to the bottom before hitting the inflatable padded bumpers at the end.

Go for maximum enjoyment with the 56′ Tropical Dual-Lane Water slide. This is one of our largest and most popular inflatable party rentals. Riders start at the top of the 22-foot tall water slide with a steep drop before hitting the bottom where the slide continues on for another 34 feet. We think that this is one of the best inflatable water slides available anywhere in the San Diego area.

Lots More to Choose From


Along with an incredible selection of water slides, we also offer a huge selection of inflatable games, bounce houses, and party games for you to add to your neighborhood party this summer. We offer complete delivery, set up, and pick up at the end of the day. Our inflatables are thoroughly cleaned before being delivered. The only things you need to supply are access to a power outlet and, in the case of our water slides, access to a water supply (typically a garden hose). For more information, please visit San Diego Kids Party Rentals, and remember to book early as our water slides and other inflatables tend to be booked up early!


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