Keeping Kids Safe in Bounce House Rentals in San Diego

Whether you have kids of your own, are a teacher, or run a youth group, you know they all love the chance to play in a bounce house rentals in San Diego. However, if you’ve been watching the news over the past few years, there have been a few stories about accidents involving inflatables in San Diego and around the country.

While there is nothing wrong with being interested in these reports, but at the same time, you shouldn’t label all bounce house rentals in San Diego as being dangerous. Kids need to have a good time and bounce houses offer almost endless fun for lots of them. As a parent, teacher, or youth group leader, you need to be concerned, but as long as you play it smart, your kids can have fun safely.

Be Sure You Rent From the Pros

In all reality, it’s not the bounce house that is at the root of the problem. In most cases, it’s because they have been set up by people who are either irresponsible or simply do not know what they are doing. Rather than trusting your kids’ safety to just anybody, be sure you turn to professional bounce house rental companies. These companies are just as concerned with the health and safety of your kids as you are.

All Inflatables in San Diego Must Be Tied Down Properly

Most companies like San Diego Kids Party Rentals will make sure your bounce house rentals in are properly tied down. However, just because they say the bounce house is secure, doesn’t mean you should take them at their word. To ensure your rental inflatables in San Diego remain securely fastened to the ground, we use heavy-duty steel tie-downs to secure the bounce house to the ground. Many companies try to get away with plastic ties that are not sufficient to do the job.

Bounce Houses Should Only Be Used in Good Weather

We are very lucky here in Southern California in that the weather during the summer months tends to be very pleasant. The wind is the biggest issue when it comes to bounce house safety and one of the most common causes of the accidents you see in the news. If the wind is strong enough to make conditions dangerous, we will not deliver or set up a bounce house.

Supervision is Required

You wouldn’t let your kids go swimming without some form of adult supervision, would you? Why then, would you even consider letting your kids play in a bounce house without supervision? At no time should you ever use a bounce house to babysit your kids, you or another responsible adult or older teenager need to be present at all times when there are children playing in or around these rental inflatables in San Diego.

For the best and safest inflatable rentals in town contact us here at San Diego Kids Party Rentals. We offer delivery, setup, and pick up services for all party supplies and ensure all bounce houses are fully secured to the ground for everyone’s safety. 

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