Inflatable Games Kids Will Love for San Diego Birthday Parties

If you’re throwing a birthday party for kids, you are probably wondering what party rentals would be the best to entertain everybody. In order to entertain a kid, you have to think like one! Now, what birthday party rentals San Diego would really wow your kids and keep them entertained for hours? At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we are the kid entertainment experts! We are here to help you find various rentals that will be perfect for special occasion. Today, we will show you some inflatable games that kids will love for San Diego birthday parties!

Jumper Rental San Diego

Jump houses are a kid’s best friend and lucky for you, we have plenty to choose from! We have traditional bounce houses and inflatable games that will keep your kids entertained for hours! We will show you some of our best birthday party rentals San Diego for you to choose from! Whether you are looking for traditional or something different, our party rentals have something for everybody.

Jousting Arena

Up for a little friendly competition? Put on your protective headwear, grab your jousting stick and go! This jousting arena is a popular attraction for kids birthday parties to engage and battle it out to the last kid standing! The kids will feel like two gladiators jousting in front of a coliseum full of cheering people! If one of the kids experiences defeat, they will be greeted by a safe, inflatable to cushion their landing. Be advised: an adult should be present during this activity for safety purposes.

Mechanical Shark Ride

Hold on tight and ride the mechanical shark until you can’t hold on any longer! Kids will be lining up to ride the shark and try their luck on this wild ride. Just like a mechanical bull, the kids will ride on the back of the shark, holding on tightly as they are tossed and turned every which way. This inflatable attraction is very popular, don’t miss out on your kids birthday this year! Call us for availability and reserve the mechanical shark today! Be advised: an adult should be present during this activity for safety purposes.

World Sports Games

Basketball, frisbee, baseball, soccer and football. The perfect inflatable game station for a birthday party in San Diego! Encourage the kids to be competitive and take a swing at the world sports games inflatable! This attraction is made for a birthday party and will keep your kids entertained until the time they leave! Make it really interesting and offer prizes and rounds for the kids participating. They will love the incentives, and you will be amazed with their enthusiasm! Be advised: an adult should be present during this activity for safety purposes.

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