Extreme Attractions Take Your Company Picnic to a Whole New Level

The warm weather is here, and summer is just around the corner. Not only does this mean it’s time to start planning family activities, but it also means it’s time to start planning the annual company picnic. Each year your job is to find party rentals for company picnics that are better than those at the last one. When you consider the bounce house from last year, no one could blame you for thinking it could be hard to find company party rentals that top this.

But Wait, Don’t Give Up Yet

When you need something in the way of extreme attractions for your next company picnic, they are only a phone call away. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have one of the best selections of party rentals for company picnics in the city. Whether you are interested in our selection of bounce houses, water slides, or our Eurobungy Trampoline, we have what you are looking for in our warehouse, waiting to be delivered to your picnic.

Along with standard company party rentals like these, we offer a diverse selection of “extreme” rentals for you to choose from. For example, why not add our Ax Throwing Game to your picnic. This inflatable game comes with a Velcro target, 6 foam “axes,” safety screening and is perfect for two-player competition. Get everyone to sign up and play, then award prizes to the winners. It’s safe for players of all ages.

It Only Gets Better

What could be better than throwing axes? How about the chance to put your bosses in the center of our inflatable Human Whack-a-Mole game? The “whacker” stands in the middle and tries to hit the “mole” thieves on the head with an inflatable hammer before they can steal the balls. Great fun, and one of our more popular choices for company picnics. Play continues until the “moles” manage to steal all the farmer’s balls.

We have two mechanical rides to add to your picnic, a rodeo bull, and a shark. Each of these rides is operated by a trained professional and offers difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced (included in the price). They are mounted in the middle of an inflatable cushion that is surrounded by 4-foot tall inflatable walls. We can add your company to our insurance as an “added insured” if requested.

Ready, Set, Joust

What could be more fun than pitting employees against each other or better yet, the boss, in our inflatable Jousting Arena? Each person is given a foam jousting stick, and then let the battle begin, just like you see on the television in Gladiators. These party rentals for company picnics come with an inflatable area, two jousting sticks, and a pair of protective headgear sets. Keep battling until the last person standing wins. Great fun for those who need to work out their tensions from the workplace, and sure to be one of the best company party rentals at your picnic.

For more information visit San Diego Kids Party Rentals online and be sure to book early, as these items tend to book up fast when the warm weather arrives.

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