Etiquette for Giving Valentines’ Cards in Grade School

We sometimes hear moms asking “what’s the etiquette for giving Valentines day cards?” and especially for the little ones in Kindergarten and the early grades. In response, we have to say that it’s probably best to give a Valentines Day card to everyone in the class and the teacher because it’s a day meant for doing something kind and caring and that means not leaving anyone out.  We’d hate to have some child who didn’t receive any cards or treats while everyone else was bursting with Valentines hearts, cute sayings, and candies.  But, of course, if your child wants to make a special Valentines Day card for their favorite friends — that’s great too and enables them to express their extra feelings for their good friends.

Another question seems to come up regarding the type of cards to give and can girls give princess or Barbie cards to the boys and can boys give Spiderman or Batman cards to the girls.  Our answer is that yes, let your kids give whatever they want and the recipients will be pleased to receive them regardless of whether they are gender-specific or not.  If you get too worried about this, just go for a non-gender related card with Elmo, Mickey, or a Teddy Bear on it.

The tradition for Valentines Day card giving tends to vary by school and by teacher, so when in doubt, see what the teacher is recommending and if they will be having any type of special Valentines Day party or celebration.

Another thing to also remember that Valentines Day is on a Thursday this year, so if your child has some weekly dance/karate or other type of class or sports practice after school on Thursdays — you may want to check with the other parents in advance to see if they’re planning on giving Valentines Day cards on the 14th so that your child won’t one of the ones’ who’s not prepared to share….just a thought.

There are lots of great ideas for making cute and inexpensive Valentines Day cards, or even using some of the free printables for a DIY card craft.

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