Party Rentals in San Diego for Your Staycation

Are you planning a staycation this summer? We all know how expensive taking your family on vacation for a week or two can be. You scrimp and save all year long and by the time all is done, you’ve spent thousands of dollars. While you might enjoy your time and create memories, blowing that much money at once can be hard to do. Maybe you’ve simply decided you can’t save enough to take the family out. Who needs to when you have party rentals in San Diego to add to your staycation? At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have the largest selection of kids party rentals in town.


Create Your Own Water Park


When it comes to party rentals in San Diego for your staycation, you simply must create a water adventure park for the kids (and grownups too). We have a fantastic selection of single and dual waterslides to choose from. They come in a variety of styles and heights. We not only deliver your inflatable waterslide, but we also set it up for you, connect the water, plug it in and you’re ready to go. Your kids are going to love having “their own” private water slide. Mom and Dad can have fun too.


When the Day Is Over


Nothing beats taking your family to the Drive-In, that’s if you can find one, except having your own outdoor theater. We offer three different sizes of inflatable movie screens for you to choose from. Our 9-foot inflatable movie screen is perfect for video games, or better yet a good family movie or two. It’s perfect for smaller yards.


We also have 16-foot and 20-foot inflatable screens for bigger yards, they’re big enough to host a neighborhood movie night. All screens come with a complete audio/video system and require space to set them up and an outlet to power the blower and the A/V system.




Everyone loves putt-putt or miniature golf. It’s been a popular vacation activity for decades. When you can’t go to the mini-golf course, why not bring it to you? As your premier place for party rentals in San Diego, count on us to bring the fun to you. Our Five-hole mini-golf set can easily be set up in your yard, providing you have room.


If you don’t have enough room in your backyard, why not spread the holes around the sides and front of your home. It’s a great way to add a little more fun. Try running strings of Christmas lights so everyone can play after the sun has gone down.



No matter what you are looking for to make your staycation a little more fun, we probably have it in stock from bouncy houses and water slides to carnival games and miniature golf. We have an incredible selection that is guaranteed to make your staycation one of the most memorable vacations your family has ever had, all from the comfort of your home and backyard.


To learn more about the many San Diego party rentals we offer, visit San Diego Kids Party Rentals online. Be sure you book early, many of our most popular rentals are booked weeks in advance. 


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Water Slide Rentals

If you are looking for the best inflatable water slides in the San Diego area, there is only one place to shop: San Diego Kids Party Rentals. We have provided the finest inflatable party rentals in the city for over 13,000 kids’ birthday parties, school/church fundraisers, corporate events, and more.


The Perfect Choice for Hot Weather


There is nothing better than one or more of our inflatable water slides to help your guests stay cool on a hot summer day. Our water slides are perfect for kids of all ages, including adults. Our selection of inflatable party rentals has become a staple of hundreds of parties, festivals, and many other indoor or outdoor parties. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we realize that no two clients have the same needs.


To ensure we meet those needs, we offer an incredible variety of water slides for you to choose from. They differ in height, themes, amount of required space, and more. We have single and dual lane water slides. Some are lower and offer less sliding speed and distance, while others are taller and offer faster speeds and longer rides.


Our Rental Water Slides


Here are some of the specs and features of our water slides:


  • Our water slides range in height from 9 feet to 22 feet in height.


  • We carry themed water slides, tropical slides, castle slides, even flat slides that allow two people to compete for distance and speed.
  • Some of our rental slides have a single lane, while others have dual lanes that let the kids compete against each other for twice the fun.


  • We can deliver and set up all inflatable party rentals to your business, home, neighborhood park, school or church.


  • When your event is over, our team will come back, pack everything up and return it to our warehouse.


  • We will review all safety precautions with you and explain any operating procedures.


  • Our inflatable rentals will arrive at your location cleaned, sanitized and ready for use.


  • Most of our rentals are relatively new and all of them are well-maintained.


The Best Place for Your Inflatable Party Rentals


No matter which of our amazing selection of inflatable water slides you decide to rent for your San Diego event, we guarantee you and your guests will be delighted with our high-quality inflatables. We are proud to offer a selection of the cleanest, safest, and most unique kids party rentals in the Greater San Diego area. Keep in mind that our inflatable party rentals are in high demand all summer long. Be sure you book early to ensure you get the water slides you want for your party.


The one thing we are certain of is that everyone at your event will have a great time. Along with our selection of water slides, we carry bounce houses and many other inflatable interactive games for you to choose from. Call San Diego Party Rentals at (858) 560-2700 to book your rentals today! 


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Interactive Game Rentals

San Diego Kids Party Rentals is your home for the best interactive game rentals in the Greater San Diego area. We carry interactive party rentals for all ages and events. We take great pride in having a fantastic selection of the hottest games and amusements in the area. Our selection is perfect for school fundraisers, neighborhood parties, corporate events, and more. Take a look at our selection. We don’t believe you will find a better selection anywhere in the city.


Anyone Can Plug In Games


It’s true, anyone can plug in interactive game rentals. However, it’s what the pros at San Diego Kids Party Rentals can do for you before, during, and after your event that sets us apart from the rest of the companies offering interactive party rentals. Our services and rentals are trusted by hundreds of customers every year to let them know what’s new, what’s hot, and which of our rentals are up and coming. We can also help you find the best rentals to fit your budget and provide your guests with fun activities to enjoy every minute of your event.


We take great pride in being able to offer our clients the largest selection of party rentals in the city, if not the state of California. We can provide games, inflatables, food equipment, and many other items for your corporate event, company picnic, neighborhood party, and school party or fundraiser.


We Carry So Many Items, It’s Hard to List Them All


From our turbo rush inflatable obstacle course to our dual-lane water slides, outdoor movie screens to the mechanical Great White Shark, you won’t find more choices anywhere. Along with this fantastic selection of interactive game rentals, we can also provide you with talented face painters, clowns, magicians, and children’s party characters, including pirates, princesses, and many other seasonal favorites such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and various Halloween monsters.


What Sets Us Apart?


While we would like to think that it’s our vast selection of interactive game rentals alone that sets us apart from the other party rental companies in the city, we know this is only one small part of the equation. Once you place your order, our team of party rental experts will load your rentals onto the truck and deliver them to your location on the right day and in plenty of time to set them up before your event starts.


Our teams will set up all rentals and test them to make sure they work properly and are safe for all who will be attending your event. If you don’t have access to a 110V outlet, we can provide a generator to power your rentals. At the end of the day, our teams will return to your location, tear down all interactive rentals, load them back on the truck, and take them back to the warehouse. Our goal is to provide everything you need to make your event a roaring success. 


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Make a Splash at Your Neighborhood Party with an Inflatable Water Slide

With summer coming soon, many of those who live in the Greater San Diego area are looking forward to planning neighborhood parties for kids of all ages (including adults). Most plans start out by looking for popular things for the kids to do. While there are plenty of “yard games” such as sack races, foot races, and so on, they are a bit on the passé side.  To be sure you should include them in your party, but a much better way to start your plans is to look at the incredible selection of inflatable water slides at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Make a Splash!

When the sun hits its zenith and the temperatures start to soar, there is nothing better than slipping down the slopes of one of our inflatable water slides. We offer both single and two-lane water slides along with many other inflatable party rentals for you to choose from. You could rent one of our low-profile inflatable run ‘n splash slides. With two lanes, the kids can run up and see who can slide the furthest or who makes it to the end.

For a little more fun, there is the Corkscrew, one of our more popular inflatable party rentals. This beast stands 22 feet tall, and those who want to go for a ride must climb 17 steps to the top. Once you reach the top and hit the slide, the ride down twists 180 degrees to the right before going under the tunnel and twisting another 90 degrees to the left. Riders will travel 44 feet before hitting the inflatable mattress at the bottom of the ride.

A Water Slide for Everyone!

We have inflatable water slides for kids of all ages including our Fire ‘N Ice dual-level slide. Standing 20 feet tall, the first slide sits at 16 feet. For those who want a bit more of a challenge, they can climb all the way to the top and ride down to the bottom before hitting the inflatable padded bumpers at the end.

Go for maximum enjoyment with the 56′ Tropical Dual-Lane Water slide. This is one of our largest and most popular inflatable party rentals. Riders start at the top of the 22-foot tall water slide with a steep drop before hitting the bottom where the slide continues on for another 34 feet. We think that this is one of the best inflatable water slides available anywhere in the San Diego area.

Lots More to Choose From


Along with an incredible selection of water slides, we also offer a huge selection of inflatable games, bounce houses, and party games for you to add to your neighborhood party this summer. We offer complete delivery, set up, and pick up at the end of the day. Our inflatables are thoroughly cleaned before being delivered. The only things you need to supply are access to a power outlet and, in the case of our water slides, access to a water supply (typically a garden hose). For more information, please visit San Diego Kids Party Rentals, and remember to book early as our water slides and other inflatables tend to be booked up early!


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Extreme Attractions Take Your Company Picnic to a Whole New Level

The warm weather is here, and summer is just around the corner. Not only does this mean it’s time to start planning family activities, but it also means it’s time to start planning the annual company picnic. Each year your job is to find party rentals for company picnics that are better than those at the last one. When you consider the bounce house from last year, no one could blame you for thinking it could be hard to find company party rentals that top this.

But Wait, Don’t Give Up Yet

When you need something in the way of extreme attractions for your next company picnic, they are only a phone call away. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have one of the best selections of party rentals for company picnics in the city. Whether you are interested in our selection of bounce houses, water slides, or our Eurobungy Trampoline, we have what you are looking for in our warehouse, waiting to be delivered to your picnic.

Along with standard company party rentals like these, we offer a diverse selection of “extreme” rentals for you to choose from. For example, why not add our Ax Throwing Game to your picnic. This inflatable game comes with a Velcro target, 6 foam “axes,” safety screening and is perfect for two-player competition. Get everyone to sign up and play, then award prizes to the winners. It’s safe for players of all ages.

It Only Gets Better

What could be better than throwing axes? How about the chance to put your bosses in the center of our inflatable Human Whack-a-Mole game? The “whacker” stands in the middle and tries to hit the “mole” thieves on the head with an inflatable hammer before they can steal the balls. Great fun, and one of our more popular choices for company picnics. Play continues until the “moles” manage to steal all the farmer’s balls.

We have two mechanical rides to add to your picnic, a rodeo bull, and a shark. Each of these rides is operated by a trained professional and offers difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced (included in the price). They are mounted in the middle of an inflatable cushion that is surrounded by 4-foot tall inflatable walls. We can add your company to our insurance as an “added insured” if requested.

Ready, Set, Joust

What could be more fun than pitting employees against each other or better yet, the boss, in our inflatable Jousting Arena? Each person is given a foam jousting stick, and then let the battle begin, just like you see on the television in Gladiators. These party rentals for company picnics come with an inflatable area, two jousting sticks, and a pair of protective headgear sets. Keep battling until the last person standing wins. Great fun for those who need to work out their tensions from the workplace, and sure to be one of the best company party rentals at your picnic.

For more information visit San Diego Kids Party Rentals online and be sure to book early, as these items tend to book up fast when the warm weather arrives.

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Give Birthday Parties an Extra Kick with Interactive Games

Are you planning a birthday party for one of your kids and looking for a way to give the event an extra kick? Have you run out of birthday party ideas and afraid that your kid’s birthday party is not going to be a roaring success? If so, why not take a little time out of your busy day to look at the many birthday party rentals available from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. If you’ve never visited us before or haven’t visited us in a while, you might be surprised at what you see.

Fun for All Ages

When it comes to great birthday party ideas, we have found that our selection of inflatable interactive games is one of our most popular items for kids of all ages (yes that includes grown-ups too). Our interactive games take the idea of inflatable games to a new level with a great selection of slides, games of skill, obstacle courses, and games of speed. No matter what you have in mind for birthday party rentals, you will find it among the pages of our online catalog.

If there is one thing we know about kids, it’s that they not only like to be kept busy during the party, but they are easily bored. While simple kids games like smack the piñata until the candy falls out and board games might work for the youngest kids, most are looking for something a little more exciting and at the same time challenging, which is exactly what you will find in our vast selection of birthday party rentals.

Interactive Means Playing Together

Many of the inflatable interactive games we have are designed for at least two players to compete against each other. Some like our horseshoes are time-tested and perfect for any age group (all you have to do is adjust the distance between the pegs to suit the age group). Others like our Human Foosball Table are made for teams to compete against each other. It takes a lot of communication to be the team who works the ball from one end of the table into the goal at the other end.

Then there is our Inflatable Sports Stadium that comes with soccer goals, a volleyball net, and more that are guaranteed to get everyone involved and having a great time. We believe that one of the best things for kids is for them to have the chance to interact and compete in a fun and friendly environment, something that reflects in the many interactive birthday party rentals we can deliver to your home or venue.

If you are planning to give your child the ultimate party and are looking for a few great birthday party ideas, There’s only one place to look, San Diego Kids Party Rentals. We have a fantastic selection of inflatable interactive games for you to choose from. Our rentals include delivery, setup, safety testing, tear down, return to the warehouse. The only thing you need to provide is enough space to set the games up and access to a power outlet; we do the rest. Call us today and start planning the greatest birthday party any child has ever had!


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Check Out Our New Website for Everything You Need to Plan Your Next Party!

Building a new website for your business is a lot like moving into a new location. The idea behind it is to improve your ability to take care of your customers. To do this, we have gone through the old San Diego Kids Party Rentals site and completely overhauled it. They say, “a new broom sweeps clean,” and while we hope to have accomplished this, our true goal was to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need.

Hard to Navigate Sites Don’t Work

According to the latest statistics, business owners have approximately fifteen seconds to grab the attention of anyone who visits their website in search of what is being sold. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we are only too aware of the fact we are not the only San Diego party rentals company, which means our website has to be inviting enough to keep customers browsing for the party rental items they need.

While our previous web site was colorful and covered everything we have to make your next party a major success, we felt it was time for a change. It’s not that we have cut back on our inventory, in fact, quite the opposite has occurred in that we are constantly adding to the bounce houses, water slides, carnival games, kids’ entertainment services, and San Diego party rental supplies.

Our new site reflects these changes by making it easier for you to find what you are looking for by using large icons for each category of items and services we offer. Instead of having categories based solely on the type of item you might be looking for, we have broken our listings down into specific event needs, specials and promotions, and in some cases particular rentals such as our Eurobungy trampolines.

We Wanted Our Website to Be Colorful and Easy to Navigate

By including pictures of our San Diego party rentals that include some of our favorite customers having a great time as clickable links, we wanted our site to be cheerful, colorful, and most of all easy to navigate. No one wants as a site that is challenging to navigate, which explains the fifteen-second rule.

Our new website includes more than listings of the many party supplies we can provide for your next event. You can find information about our delivery services, our policies, park permits, a selection of frequently asked questions, and our blog filled with a mass of fantastic information to help you make the right choices when it comes to San Diego party rentals.

At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we are proud of our new website; it reflects everything we want it to about our company and the many party rentals we have to offer. We invite you to visit the new website and take a good look around. While the site is still under construction, we have a special promotion we can’t wait to tell you about. With over 900 pages to be updated and rewritten, we realize there is always a chance for errors. So, if you happen to come across something that is misspelled, missing punctuation, or you find broken links, be sure to let us know. Each time you email us with a verified mistake, we will give you $10 towards your next rental. What are you waiting for? Visit us online today!


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Don’t Worry About Weather. Bring the Party Indoors with Our Interactive Party Games

It never rains in California, or so the song goes, but what if you have a birthday party, school party or fundraiser planned for a day when it’s supposed to rain? No one is likely to want to play outside in bouncy houses or on slides when the rains are coming down. Talk about a great way to put a damper on the whole event! But for party rentals in San Diego, we have the solution to the rain. No, we can’t stop the rains from coming down, but at San  Diego Kids Party Rentals, we do have one of the best selections of interactive party games in San Diego for use indoors or out.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

When it comes to putting together a private party or a fundraiser for the kids in your school, keep one thing in mind. Whether you have the party outside or the rain drives everyone inside, the kids just want to have fun. You should never let bad weather spoil their fun; you just have to plan for all instances.

There is a reason why we have one of the top selections of interactive party games in San Diego. We know that our customers’ needs vary based on the age of the children and the amount of money available to pay for the items needed. We also know that if you are planning a fundraiser, the idea is to raise money for your school or charity. This has driven us to continue searching for the best games to add to our party rentals in San Diego.

Games for All Ages

So many of our interactive games are great for indoor use! From ring tosses, miniature golf holes, and pin-the-tail games, to duck ponds, skeetball, and gone fishin’ carnival games, most everything can be set up indoors. Even our inflatables and larger carnival games can be moved inside if you have a gymnasium or other large room on site.


From balloon pop to bowling, many of our games can be used to give prizes away just like on the midway when the carnival comes to town. We offer a full range of party rentals in San Diego for all age groups, from elementary age all the way up to high school. Every one of our games is guaranteed to provide plenty of fun for everyone. You can raise money by selling wristbands or individual tickets.

We recommend you book your interactive party games in San Diego early as they tend to be booked up far in advance. Once you reserve your party rentals in San Diego, we will deliver them to your event site, set everything up and make sure it all works properly before leaving. Once your event is over, we come back, pack everything up and take it back to the warehouse for you, all included in the price.


What are you waiting for? Call San Diego Kids Party Rentals today and guarantee everyone will have a great time at the party or fundraiser!


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School Fundraisers are a Breeze with Our Carnival Fundraising Packages

Now is the time for you to start planning the spring fundraiser for your school. Whether this is your first year planning the event or your twenty-first, finding new ways to keep the kids happy is always going to be a challenge. But at San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have one of the best selections of carnival games in San Diego carefully chosen to be perfect for San Diego school fundraisers.

We Offer a Full Range of Fun Items for Your Fundraiser

It takes a lot to generate the kind of interest at San Diego school fundraisers to produce the kind of money needed to make a difference in the budget. This means you need a lot more than silly games and a couple of food booths.

Along with individual carnival games for San Diego schools, we offer a variety of packages for elementary, middle school, and high school groups. For each age group, we offer three different packages at set price levels of $1,500, $3,000, and $5,000. With each increase in price, we add more items to your package.

Sample Packages for You

Elementary School Carnival Package 1

  •         Monster Obstacle Course
  •         70′ Obstacle Course
  •         15′ Single Lane Slide
  •         3 Carnival Games complete with tents

Middle School Carnival Package 2

  •         Ninja Dash Obstacle Course
  •         Inflatable Midway with four games
  •         Inflatable Hungry Hippo
  •         Beat the Light Game
  •         27′ Cliffhanger Slide
  •         Bungee Run
  •         3 hours of Airbrush Face Painting Tattoos

High School Carnival Package 3

  •         Inflatable Big Baller Challenge
  •         27″ Cliffhanger Slide
  •         Full 2-Lane Rugged Warrior Obstacle Course
  •         Either the Wipeout Challenge or the Eurobungee Trampolines


We Provide Everything

When you rent our carnival games in San Diego, we bring everything to you, set it all up for you and provide all necessary power in the form of standalone generators. Our rental packages for San Diego school fundraisers are for three full hours. At the end of that time, we will return, tear everything down, pack it in our trucks and return it to our warehouse. The only thing you have to worry about is watching your kids have fun.

All you have to do is choose the package you want, let us come and set everything up, and you are ready to go. You can sell wristbands or tickets in advance for a discount or at the gate for full price. Then sit back, watch the fun and your school funds grow with every ride.

While we do our best to make sure we have all the items listed in each package available, we do have to reserve the right to substitute for a similar item. Be sure you book the date for your school fundraiser early as these carefully designed packages tend to book fast. Once they are booked the only option you might have is to change your event date or rent items individually (at a greater cost than our package deals).

For the best selection of carnival games in San Diego, contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals and let us help you make your next school fundraiser a huge success!

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Indoor Carnival and Party Games Turn Your Garage into Carnival Central

If your house has a garage, there is no reason why you should ever need to cancel a party because of the weather. Take the cars out of the picture, and suddenly you have a large open space that is perfect for indoor carnival games from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. We have a large selection of indoor party rentals that are perfect for this situation. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Table Games

Our selection includes pinball games, air hockey games, and shuffleboard in a variety of sizes and designs for you to choose from. Kids love to bowl, and we have indoor bowling and roller bowler games you can use to award prizes. Kids have been playing skeeball for decades, and yet today it is still one of our most popular indoor carnival games.  

Tossing Games

From ring toss to knocking down the bottles, we have dozens of games of skill that including throwing balls, bean bags, rings, and more. Many of our indoor party rentals are just like the games that come to town with the carnival every year, only a slightly scaled-down version  — perfect for fitting into your garage.

Shooting Games

From Monster Blast to Rubber Chicken Flight School, we have several great shooting games that are sure to be a big hit among the kids. Most kids are easily entertained, but the more interactive you can make the games out in the garage, the happier they will be and the “cooler” they will think your party is.

How Much Room Do You Have?

Before you start putting together a list of the indoor carnival games you want to put in your garage for the big party, you need to know exactly how much room you have and what activities are most likely to keep those coming to the party interested and having fun. When considering the size of your garage, be conscious also of the height of the room.

While most of our indoor party rentals are not particularly tall, there are some that are too tall to fit in the average garage. Along with this, you also need to consider room for your guests to move around safely if you plan to have more than one game. Not only do you need to protect the kids (and adults!) from falls and other injuries, no one wants to see their game being spoiled because another guest walked into it.

Now for the good news. Once you have decided which of the indoor carnival games you would like to have at your party, contact San Diego Kids Party Rental online or at (848) 560-2700 and book your reservations. When the big day comes, our delivery team will bring your indoor party rentals to your home, unload them into the garage and set them up for you so that they are ready to go when the party starts. We also tear them down and return them to our warehouse at the end of the day. Contact us today to secure your rentals.

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